Purchasing a conservatory is a big investment, so it is important you choose an installer you can trust. With years of combined experience and extensive knowledge in installing windows and conservatories you can rest assured that ClaBo will provide and install the Conservatory you desire to the highest specification.

How We Work

Expert workmanship is provided at every stage of the installation and one of the ClaBo team will manage your project of the Conservatory from start to finish, providing a unique personal touch, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the installation process.

Planning Permission?

About 40% of conservatories will not need planning permission. If you would like to view the current regulations please visit In any case, do not worry – our representatives understand the current rules and regulations and will help you make any application that is required.

Conservatory Types


Lean-To conservatories are the lowest price option available for conservatories. They have a simple design that appears to be leaning from the house in a simple rectangular shape. Lean-To conservatories are ideal if you have a small garden or live in one-story properties like a bungalow.


A Georgian style conservatory is similar to a Victorian style conservatory except it has a square or rectangular shape with a pitched roof on each side. The conservatory provides plenty of space and is an ideal setting for a dining room, play room or for storage purposes.


The most popular choice of design, the Victorian style conservatory is versatile and well suited to modern and classic homes and will add extra value to your property. A Victorian conservatory stands out from the home with a rounded wall at the end.


P-Shape conservatories allow for a wider and more versatile space added to your property. The appearance of the P-Shape conservatory is comparable to a combination of the features of a Georgian and a Victorian conservatory.

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